What to explore in Lamu

Lamu is an Island full of charm and breathtaking views. But this mezmerizing piece of paradise also offers an exciting variety of activities to indugle in. So here are my top 6 must do activities in Lamu…

1. Sunset Dhow Ride

Dhows are an authentic part of Lamu culture. The only means of transportation to and from the Island is by boat. These beautifully hand crafted Dhows, navigated by charismatic crew, sail along the meandering mangroves that surround the Island. Sundowners and Sunsets are a beautiful way to end the day. Captain Il be back, a trustworthy and dependable captain, arranges some of the most breathtaking Dhow Safaris.

2. Motorbike Adventure

Being slightly motorbike obsessed I had to find a way to explore the Island by bike. And of course Captain Il be back sorted me out with a motorbike (albeit a aged boxer) it did the job.
I would only recommend this to experienced riders as navigating the sand can be quite the task. Misread the consistency and be sure you and your bike will sink into the sand.

This was by far the most mesmerizing ride of my life! Past the castle on the corner of Shella beach lies nothing but deserted beach. Not a soul just unending sand dunes to your right and the tides of the ocean to your left.I rode for 11 kilometers in this untouched paradise totally on my own.An indescribable feeling to be so isolated and yet so connected to nature.

After what must have been 30 minutes of blissful riding reached Kipungani, a cluster of serene beach houses of the far corner of Lamu Island. A piece of paradise is the only way I could describe it.
Kipungani is also accessible by boat for those of you not crazy enough to venture out on a motorbike adventure.

3. Explore the Sand Dunes

Behind the symbolic Castle situated at the furthest point of Shella beach, you will see the layers and layers of Sand Dunes that envelope it. Reminiscent of the desert, the dunes cascade as far as the eye can see. I decided to venture to the highest peak on a photography mission and the steep ascent was definitely worth it. From the top of these enchanting dunes you can watch the sun set over the Island while enjoying panoramic views across the entire Island.

4. Floating Bar

One of my favorite places in Lamu is the floating bar. As the name suggested this quirky yet somewhat enchanting bar lies at sea only accessed by boat. Paulo the resident bar man lives on the floating bar ready to serve you an assortment of drinks no matter the time you stumble onto its decks. One of the most fascinating aspects of this eccentric watering hole is the giant bar stools! Over a meter tall it really is a struggle to mount and dismount especially after a few to drink. But its unconventional design has a beautiful practicality … once atop these stools they offer you a uniquely unparalleled view across the bar and out to sea!

5. Beachside in Manda

Manda beach is one of my favorite beaches in the world. This is because it has a unique vibe of beach meets bush. Thick vegetation of acacia trees and safari feel envelop the beach on either side. And the beach itself is quiet and relaxing escape with no one but a few rather friendly beach dogs that are happy to have a bit of attention. Situated adjacent to the Lamu Island, Manda gives you an entirely different perspective of Lamu and is only a 5 minute boat ride from Shella.

6. Shopping in Lamu
Lamu has a rich and vibrant history that predates centuries. It is on this Island that Arab, Portuguese and even Chinese merchants exchanged their wears & culture. This diverse influence can be felt in the architecture, food and culture. I love loosing myself in the maze of meandering alleyways. Lamu is a treasure trove of tiny boutiques selling the most beautiful assortment of wears you so its an absolute treat what you find along the way.

Some of my favorite shops ….

Recycled art shop

I came across Isaiah Cheoyator an artisan specializing in recycling art. He uses old flip flops and sandals found along the shores of Lamu and models them into creative ocean inspired works of art featured on the walls of his workshop.
Isaih Chepyator 0724697940

Lamu Town is a treasure trove of beautiful boutiques stocking gorgeous gold threaded kiyoys only found on this Island. The Lamu Silversmith, hand crafts silver jewellery from colorful tiles that is both charming and elegant.