Shimba Hills: Waterfall Hunting

My solo biking adventure trips feel like somewhat of a calling. My soul stirs for the feeling of the open road. The road less travelled. Setting off not knowing when I’ll be back. Getting lost and feeling like that’s exactly where I am meant to be. It’s somewhat spiritual. I would describe it as form of meditation to experience the magic of the universe on two wheels.

On my last solo motorbike escapade across the coast I decided to discover Shimba Hills on the south coast of Kenya 40km from Diani beach. After a quick glance at google maps I gathered my bearings, packed my saddlebag and set off with no idea what was in store. To me the beauty of adventure is about finding things you didn’t even know you were looking for.

After rearing off onto a dusty track of red earthy sand with little bearing as to where I was, I found myself at the gates of the elephant sanctuary. One of the rangers emerged from the thickets of bush and welcomed me. His name was Guzo and to my surprise he told me there was a waterfall only a couple of kilometers into the sanctuary. Needing little convincing I jumped off my bike and began the next chapter of my adventure waterfall hunting.

As we trekked through the wild bush stepping over what looked like rather fresh elephant poo, Guzo told me to be vigilant. ‘We are in Elephant territory now, they have right of way.’ Embracing the thrill and sheer terror of the experience I forged on as we trekked through thickets of bush until we emerged at the frontier of lush green oasis.

Towering before me stood the beauty of this hidden waterfall. Guzo told me that the waterfall is a sacred place to the local community and I certainly felt the spiritual energy resonating through my being. I soaked myself in the gushing waters of this magical place knowing this was exactly where I was meant to be.

Travel is my vehicle of self-discovery, of connection to all that is. Its what makes me feel alive. It sets me free.